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Button cell size 675 for strong customers with power Hearing Aids from Phonak

Phonak Hearing Aid Batteries in size 675 know what they have to perform. Voltage stability is particularly important here, and they must hold out even at peak levels. Phonak quality batteries are recommended by the manufacturer for strong Hearing Aids.


The Phonak Hearing Aid Batteries are offered in the four common sizes:

  • 10 size - yellow
  • 312 size - brown
  • 13 size - orange
  • 675 size - blue


Here are some more tips for using Phonak Hearing Aid Batteries:

  • After removing the foil, it still takes about 30 to 40 seconds for the battery to fully activate. A shorter activation time will result in lower performance.
  • Remove the sticker only if you want to insert a new battery. Once the film has been removed, the battery will be consumed, even if it has not been inserted into the Hearing Aid.
  • Store your Hearing Aid Batteries at normal room temperature.
  • The life of a battery depends on how long you wear your Hearing Aid every day and the power it needs to perform.



  • Recommended zinc-air battery for Phonak Hearing Aids
  • suitable for power fittings
  • very voltage stable
  • high quality workmanship


Technical data:

  • 675 size: 650 mAh


Package includes:

  • 1x blister Phonak Hearing Aid Batteries

Phonak Hearing Aid Batteries 675

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