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Phonak Hearing Aid Batteries for Phonak Hearing Aids all in one!

Phonak places the highest value on quality not only in Hearing Aids, but also in button cells. Phonak batteries in size 13 fit in many models of Hearing Aids and are always a good choice. Corrosion-protected encapsulation of the battery ensures maximum safety, even if you ever break a sweat. 

The Phonak batteries are offered in the four common sizes:

  • Size 10 - yellow foil
  • Size 312 - brown foil
  • Size 13 - orange foil
  • Size 675 - blue foil


Here are some more tips for using Phonak Hearing Aid Batteries:

  • Activate the battery by peeling off the foil. Leave the batteries in place for about 2 minutes before inserting them into your Hearing Aid.
  • The sticker of a new battery should not be removed until you want to change the battery. Once the battery is active, it will deplete even if it is not inserted.
  • Hearing Aid Batteries do not like refrigerators. Store your Hearing Aid Batteries best at room temperature of about 15-25 °
  • How long a battery lasts in the Hearing Aid depends on the wearing time and the performance of the Hearing Aid.



  • Recommended zinc-air battery for Phonak Hearing Aids
  • Available in all popular sizes


Technical data:

  • 13 size: 310 mAh


Package includes:

  • 1x pack of Phonak Hearing Aid Batteries 13

Phonak Hearing Aid Batteries 312

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