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Button cells by Phonak for Phonak Hearing Aids!

The well-known Hearing Aid manufacturer prefers to use these Hearing Aid Batteries in its Hearing Aids.
The zinc-air batteries are powerful and work stable in voltage, so they can be used in powerful devices without any problems.

The Phonak batteries are offered in the four common sizes:

  • 10 size - color coding: yellow foil
  • 312 size - color coding: brown foil
  • 13 size - color coding: orange foil
  • 675 size - color coding: blue foil


Here are some more tips for using Phonak Hearing Aid Batteries:

  • After removing the foil, it still takes about 20 seconds for the battery to be fully activated. Do not insert the battery into your Hearing Aid until this activation time has elapsed.
  • Do not remove the sticker from a new battery if you do not intend to use it. Once activated, a zinc-air battery will deplete even if it is not used.
  • Store your Hearing Aid Batteries at a room temperature of about 10-25° Celsius is best.
  • The runtime of a battery depends on how long you wear your Hearing Aid every day and what power it must provide.



  • Recommended zinc-air battery for Phonak Hearing Aids
  • Available in all popular sizes


Technical data:

  • 10size: 100 mAh


Package includes: 

  • 1x Phonak Hearing Aid Batteries size 10

Phonak Hearing Aid Batteries 10

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