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Retention support for the external earpieces x from Phonak

To ensure that the small earpieces of the hearing aids sit securely in the ear, there is the retention support. The external earpiece must not shift or move outward while being worn. On the one hand, there is otherwise a risk of losing the hearing aid, and on the other hand, the device becomes quieter and quieter the further the receiver moves outward.


But since the ear canal itself is constantly in motion due to speaking and chewing movements, the receiver can keep shifting. How much movement there is in the ear canal varies from person to person.


The receiver holder is suitable for the frequently used x-hearers from Phonak. It ensures a secure fit of the receiver in the ear canal and prevents it from slipping out.

The holder is slid over the receiver before the screen is attached. The support is placed in the ear canal so that it is not visible. If the support is too long, you can easily shorten it.



If the "retention" also does not provide a secure fit, there is the option of using a custom earmold for the earpiece. In this case, an impression of your ear is taken and a custom earmold is made for the earpiece. Since this earmold fits closely to the ear canal, the fit and durability is greatly improved.



  • Support for Phonak x earpieces
  • Transparent, skin-friendly material
  • for hold in the auricle
  • Improved hold of the earpiece in the ear canal



  • 1x Phonak holder

Phonak earpiece holder / retention for x earpiece

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