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D-Dry+ by Phonak - for Phonak Hearing Aids!

Phonak Hearing Aids are small technical marvels. In the smallest space is all the electronics, which has a performance comparable to a stereo system. Mini microphones that record sound, an amplifier platform that has the processing power of a small computer, and a speaker that is only a few millimeters in diameter. These tiny devices provide sufficient amplification and frequency-matched sound and good hearing.


Nowadays, however, Hearing Aids are constantly worn on the body and are so exposed to a wide variety of weather . In summer at sweaty gardening in winter at sub-zero or snow. And precisely here lies a weak point of the devices. They have something against moisture!


But we also have something against moisture:

The dry can D-Dry+ of Phonak is an electric drying system specifically for Hearing Aids and earmolds. Dry your Hearing Aids best daily.


For this purpose, two drying programs of different lengths are available to you. A UV-C light source simultaneously ensures hygiene and has an antibacterial effect. The UV light switches off automatically after 5 minutes, the cleaning is thus completed, while the drying process continues.



  • Electric drying system from Phonak
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Easy operation with only one button
  • Optimized drying time of only 142 minutes
  • Operating time is indicated by 5 LEDs (30 minutes per light)
  • UV-C light source for antibacterial cleaning (8 minutes)
  • Automatic power off


Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 120 × 80 × 35 mm
  • Dimensions of the drying chamber: 65 × 55 × 20 mm
  • Weight: 137 g
  • Color: white


Package includes: 

  • 1x Phonak D-Dry+
  • 1x power supply
  • 1x user manua

      Phonak D-Dry+ Drying System

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