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Phonak Lapel Microphone MC-1 for ComPilot II

The small add-on microphone for your Phonak ComPilot.

Do you often use your Phonak ComPilot to make calls in noisy environments? Or do you prefer to wear it under your clothes?

If so, it may be useful to use the lapel microphone. This way you bring the microphone closer to your mouth and the person you are talking to can understand you well even in noisy environments.



  • Makes your Phonak ComPilot a real headset
  • Excellent for car rides or noisy environments
  • Very small design, so not very visible
  • Easy connection to ComPilot via jack plug


Technical data:

  • Dimensions: Microphone about 1 cm long and 3 mm in diameter
  • Color: black
  • Cable length: about 50 cm

Phonak ComPilot Lapel Microphone MC-1

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