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ActiveVent Receiver - The world's first intelligent hearing aid receiver


ActiveVent Receiver is an innovative speaker technology with a mechanically switching valve. It ensures the naturalness of your own voice while optimizing your hearing performance.

It is the world's first smart hearing aid speaker designed for demanding listening environments or moments of concentration. It is powered by AutoSense OS 4.0, which automatically adjusts your hearing aids to the environment.



  • Intelligently balances speech in noise with listening comfort
  • Provides excellent sound quality for streamed media
  • Intelligent control through AutoSense OS 4.0
  • Compatible with all rechargeable Audéo Paradise hearing aids.


Performance and convenience combined like never before

Phonak Paradise features the revolutionary new ActiveVent receiver - a hearing aid speaker that combines comfort and hearing performance like never before. ActiveVent attaches to your rechargeable Audéo Paradise hearing aids. It shields noise in noisy environments to optimize hearing in noisy environments, while providing you with a comfortable and natural listening experience in quiet environments.


How does ActiveVent work?

ActiveVent features a built-in valve combined with a small disc that moves between two positions: open and closed. A reassuring click signals that the disc has changed position.

In the open position, ambient sounds can pass through, providing listening comfort, naturalness of one's own voice, and awareness of ambient sounds.


In demanding listening situations or when streaming media, the lens moves to the closed position, blocking ambient noise from entering the ear directly, increasing concentration on the speech in front of the listener or on the streamed content. All of this is intelligently and automatically controlled by AutoSense OS 4.0.


Maintenance Note

Routine care for your hearing aid will ensure optimal hearing performance and a long life for your devices.

It is recommended that you clean the earpiece daily with a dry, soft cloth and remove wax with a soft brush. For Phonak hearing aids equipped with an ActiveVent, a Wax Guard must be replaced regularly.

Phonak ActiveVent Receiver

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