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The Oticon Xceed

Whoever is profoundly deaf has an extremely difficult time in conversations with friends, colleagues, and family. You may feel that you can't really participate in the conversations because you can only talk to the person in front of you or you have to rely on rhyming and lip-reading. If more than one person is speaking at the same time, it becomes even more difficult to understand what is being said. You probably know how tiring that can be.

Here's how Oticon Xceed's new, unique technology is proven to give you better access to speech than ever before.


Oticon Xceed gives you a 360° sound experience

With Oticon Xceed, you hear relevant speech 360° around you, with less noise and less listening effort. As the world's only SuperPower or UltraPower Hearing Aid, Oticon Xceed gives you a sound experience with 360° access to speech and relevant sounds, while advanced noise reduction means you have to strain less to understand. You can be more in the middle of conversations with multiple people again and better remember what they just said.


New approach to feedback

Conventional Hearing Aids solve the feedback problem by lowering the gain. As a result, speech understanding suffers. The patented OpenSound Optimzier™ provides a clear speech signal throughout the day, with whistling occurring much less frequently.



Oticon Xceed's BrainHearing technology scans your environment 500 times per second. This gives your brain constant access to the sounds around you, which is the natural way to hear and understand.


Your proven BrainHearing benefits:

  • More speech clarity
  • Less listening effort
  • Better short-term memory


Connected with life

Oticon Xceed connects wirelessly to any modern smartphone and lets you take advantage of its extensive range of Accessories with direct streaming in stereo quality:


  • Enjoy sound from your TV, landline phone or computer directly in your Hearing Aids.
  • Turn your Hearing Aids into wireless headphones. - Control the volume and programs of the Hearing Aids via remote control, ConnectClip or Oticon ON App.
  • Through the Oticon ON App, you can access the Internet of Things, HearingFitness™ technology and OpenSound Booster, which activates more noise reduction.
  • The ConnectClip enables hands-free phone calls, can be used as an external microphone during lectures or turns the Hearing Aids into wireless headsets.


Understand more speech with less effort

With these Hearing Aids, you benefit from more speech clarity with less listening effort in noisy environments compared to the previous generations of our SuperPower and UltraPower Hearing Aids.


We know your current Hearing Aid is a reliable companion for you. But when technology takes a giant step forward, as it is now with Oticon Xceed, you should take the plunge. It's worth it, because Oticon Xceed can be a real benefit to your quality of life.


Oticon Xceed 360°

  • Access to speech
  • Less listening effort
  • Exceptionally clear sound with more details
  • Avoiding annoying feedback
  • Easy Bluetooth® connection to many devices

Oticon Xceed

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