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The Oticon Siya

Good hearing has many positive effects on our lives. Compensating for a hearing loss increases your enjoyment of life in many ways: you understand better and more easily, have more energy in the evening and invest in your mental fitness.* Oticon Siya hearing instruments feature BrainHearing technology, which means they take into account how our brain processes speech.


Listen and enjoy with Oticon Siya

You will perceive many sound details again with Oticon Siya hearing systems

This is what Oticon Siya offers:

  • Excellent sound experience
  • Wireless connection to smartphone & co
  • Many shapes, colors and complementary accessories


Perceive more sound details and subtle nuances

Oticon Siya is based on the powerful VeloxTM chip platform, which operates 50 times faster than any Oticon hearing system in its class.


Excellent sound quality

Oticon Siya's high-resolution sound processing lets you perceive the sound details and subtle nuances of a moment. The advanced multi-channel adaptive directionality LX helps understand interlocutors. This technology lowers more and more noise the louder an environment is.

Oticon Siya hearing instruments automatically adapt to the listening situation. Even in noisier environments, you can look forward to excellent sound. You can follow conversations, e.g. at a family party, more easily and participate more actively.


Oticon Siya

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