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Oticon SafeLine for hearing aids

The secure hold for your hearing aids. Athletes and very active children will be delighted with SafeLine. The safety cord prevents your hearing aids from getting lost.


The tether has rubber eyelets at both ends through which the hearing aids to be secured are pushed. With the clip you now simply attach the strap to your clothing. Even if you now accidentally. For example, when taking off the mask, pull a hearing aid out of your ear, it will be safely captured by the retaining strap. Even if you do not notice it at the moment, nothing more is lost.


SafeLine is offered in 2 sizes:

  • SafeLine small for: miniRITE , designRITE and mini BTE (312 and 13 battery size)
  • SafeLine large for: BTE/RITE, BTE/PP, BTE/SP and UP, Ci-BTE (675 battery size)


Package includes: 

  • 1x Oticon SafeLine
  • Accessories for Oticon hearing aids

Oticon SafeLine for Hearing Aids

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