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The Oticon Ruby

The new Oticon Ruby offers the best sound quality out of the medium priced Oticon devices. It's packed with great features like the new SuperShield feedback management and is available as a rechargeable model that can be charged quickly via induction.


Among other things, the following features, await you with the Oticon Ruby:


  • Rechargeability - Easily charge your hearing aids over night and enjoy a full day of listening pleasure!
  • Music Streaming - Stream your favorite music directly through your hearing aids.
  • TV Streaming - Connect your hearing aids via the TV adapter to your TV and enjoy its sound directly through your hearing aids
  • BrainHearing technology - Supports your brain's natural listening process for an improved and natural speech perception.
  • SuperShield Technology - Prevents feedback before it is even perceptible.


Preventing Feedback Before it Occurs

Most hearing aid wearers have experienced feedback themselves - when hugging someone, talking on the phone, or while just driving around in a car. Oticon's Velox S platform allows the integration of the new SuperShield feedback management in the Ruby. This technology performs an analysis of the sound level for detecting and preventing feedback before it is even perceived by the wearer themself. This leads to an enhanced sound experience free of any disturbing whistling.


Bluetooth Connectivity

The Oticon Ruby’s wireless connectivity offers high-quality streaming with low power consumption. Via Bluetooth Low Energy you can connect to your smartphone, computer, tablet, or TV effortlessly. You’re even able to connect your Oticon Ruby hearing aids to multiple TVs at once. Using the Oticon ON App you can then choose which TV adapter you’d like to use for streaming. The Oticon Ruby is 'Made for iPhone' and therefore incompatible with Android devices.


Oticon Ruby Accessories

  • Li-Ion Charger - 30 minutes charge, 6 hours listen. A full charge is possible in just 3 hours with this charging station.
  • TV adapter - Connect your hearing aids to your TV via TV adapter and receive its sound output directly through your hearing aids.
  • Connect Clip - Use the Connect Clip as an additional microphone as well as a headset to amplify the sound of your smartphone or laptop computer.
  • Remote Conrol - Change your hearing aid volume or program with just one click!

Further accessories from Oticon can be found here.


Oticon ON App

You can perform minor adjustments to your hearing aids using the Oticon ON App. For example, you can control the volume and program selection of your hearing aid within the app. In addition, you can check the device’s battery level, use Find-My-Hearing-Aid function, or check your health with HearingFitness.

Oticon Ruby

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