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Oticon RITE Domes - in use for years for good hearing!

Oticon Domes ensure a good fit of the Receiver in the ear canal while protecting it from penetrating skin particles.


The soft lamellae fit the ear canal very well and small holes in the Dome provide good ventilation in the ear.


You have a choice of different sizes and styles.


Please note that when you change the size, the sound characteristics of the device also change. For example, with a small, open Dome, the sound is brighter than with a larger Dome.
The PlusDome Bass Dome is always used when devices tend to whistle easily and the power domes offer the highest tightness. Try out which sound and fit seems most comfortable to you.



To change the Dome, simply pull it off the earcup and put the new Dome in the same place. Done.



  • Milky transparent Dome
  • Barely visible in the ear
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Soft lamellae provide comfortable wearing


Technical data:

  • Fits for: Oticon external Receiver for Delta, Dual and Epoq Hearing Aids
  • Fits for: Oticon external Receiver for Agil, Ino or Acto Hearing Aids
  • To determine the diameter, simply place a ruler at the widest part of the Dome opening


Package includes: 

  • 1x Oticon Dome for Oticon Receivers

Oticon RITE Dome for Receivers

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