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Oticon external receiver for older models

Because the receiver sits directly in the ear canal, it is less protected than speakers built into the hearing aid. Thus, the receiver may become clogged after a long time and the transmission is no longer optimal. The device then sounds significantly quieter and duller than usual. Therefore, please always use the appropriate wax guard filter. Itensures a long life of your earpiece.


The earpieces are available in different designs (thicknesses) and different lengths. Please make sure you order the correct specifications.

If you are using older earpieces without a type designation, it is usually the "S earpiece".


Please note:

If you choose an earpiece with a different gain than the one you have been using, the acoustic characteristics of your hearing instrument will change. If you are unsure which receiver is right for you, simply ask your hearing care professional for the correct designation.

  • Oticon S-Hearer (standard)
  • Oticon M earpiece (designed for Agil)
  • Oticon P earpiece (Power)


The earpieces are suitable for the following Oticon hearing aids:

  • Agile
  • Acto
  • Ino
  • Epoq
  • Hit
  • Vigo
  • Children's hearing aids: Gala Plus (Acto)



  • Spare part for hearing aids
  • external earpiece
  • Small design


Technical Specifications:

  • Matching Domes: Oticon RITE domes
  • Fitting Wax Guards (S and M receivers): Oticon ProWax
  • Fitting Wax Guards (P listeners): Oticon WaxStop


    Package includes:

    • 1x Oticon external receiver

    Oticon Receiver for Older Models

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