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Oticon ProWax Wax Guards for Hearing Aids


If you have been using NoWax Wax Guards in your Oticon Hearing Aids, you can easily switch to the improved ProWax Wax Guards.

A new type of coating on the filter protects your Hearing Aids from penetrating minute particles and even repels moisture.

By changing the filter regularly, you will ensure that your Hearing Aids sound flawless and at the same time reduce their susceptibility to repair.

Replace the Wax Guards regularly about once a month. The grid of the filter should always be freely visible, otherwise the interval can also be shortened.

User tips:

  • To change the Wax Guards, take a filter module from the ring, on one side of which the new filter is located.
  • Use the empty side to pull the filter to be changed out of the Hearing Aid and insert the new ProWax in the same place.



  • Wax Guard protection for Receiver and in-ear devices
  • Moisture repellent coating
  • Prevents Receiver failures


Package includes: 

  • 1x Oticon ProWax
  • Content: 6 pieces

Oticon ProWax Wax Guards

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