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Oticon ProWax MiniFit - the wax guard for MiniFit receivers


Oticon wax filters sit directly in front of the receiver and protect your hearing aidsfrom penetrating particles. They can be used for both Oticon in-ear devices and Oticon hearing aids with an external MiniFit receiver.

For devices with an external receiver, place the filter directly into the receiver opening before attaching the dome.


ProWax MiniFit filters have a smaller diameter than the older Oticon ProWax filters and are designed to fit MiniFit speakers.


The ProWax MiniFit is suitable for the following models of Oticon hearing aids:


  • Oticon More
  • Oticon OPN S
  • Oticon Siya
  • Oticon OPN
  • Oticon Como
  • Oticon Alta
  • Oticon Nera
  • Oticon Ria
  • Oticon Sensei


By replacing the filter regularly, you will keep your hearing aids sounding flawless while reducing their susceptibility to repair. The ProWax wax guard should be renewed approximately every 4 weeks.


User Instructions:

  • To change the filter, remove one filter from the ring.
  • One side already has the new filter.
  • Pull the filter to be changed with the "empty" side straight out of the hearing aid.
  • Replace the new ProWax MiniFit filter in the same place.



  • Wax Guards for Oticon hearing aids
  • Suitable for miniFit speakers


Package includes: 

  • 1x Oticon ProWax miniFit
  • Content: 6 pieces

Oticon ProWax miniFit Wax Guards (6 pcs)

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