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Oticon Own

Make the Oticon Own your own - with five different builds, the Own offers everyone the level of discretion they desire when wearing their hearing aids, with the smallest version becoming nearly invisible to the untrained eye in your ear. But size doesn't detract from hearing quality, thanks to Oticon's fastest and smartest platform yet, the Polaris platform. The overriding goal here is to make hearing as precise and comfortable as possible.


The following features make the Oticon Own your ideal companion:


  • Brain Hearing Philosophy- Oticon relates better hearing health to better brain health, which is why they aim to help the brain recognize and contrast sounds effectively as well as naturally.
  • Deep Neural Network - This intelligent network has been trained with more than 12 million real sounds to most closely resemble natural brain function in terms of discriminating sounds. This results in increased speed, precision and processing capacity.
  • MoreSound Intelligence - By scanning and analyzing the sounds around you and processing them through the Deep Neural Network you get a balanced sound image.
  • MoreSound Amplifier - This is a dynamic system that improves the perception of your sound environment, and automatically adjusts your listening to it. Consequently, you get an enhanced, high-contrast listening experience with less listening effort.
  • Sound Optimizer - To prevent hearing aid feedback before it can even occur, the Sound Optimizer analyzes your acoustic environment at top speed.
  • Streaming- The use of bluetooth low energy allows for high quality streaming, with the Oticon Own compatible with a range of iOS and Android devices.


Oticon ON App

Achieving hearing goals, documenting daily hearing aid use with hearing fitness, or making adjustments to the hearing aid - the Oticon On app offers all this and more. While changing volume or program selection are among the classic functions of hearing aid apps, Oitcon's app also offers a search function that locates your hearing aids if they can't be found. Another special feature is the IFTT (If this then that) function, which enables connection to smart home devices, such as the doorbell or alarm system, and reports their actuation via your hearing aids. Furthermore, IFTT ensures control of hearing programs through voice commands as well as GPS-based setting of programs depending on your current location.


Oticon Own Accessories

The Oticon Own itself already successfully arms you for the hearing demands of your everyday life. However, hearing impaired individuals regularly encounter acoustic challenges that can be helped to overcome by the right accessories. The following accessories will make your experience with the Oticon Own even more profitable:

  • TV adapter - Watching TV together can quickly lead to frustration and bad moods with different volume preferences. With the TV adapter, you can hear the sound of the TV at the volume that suits you directly through your hearing aids, while the volume in the room can be regulated individually. So nothing stands in the way of a movie night together!
  • Remote Control - Discreetly make volume and program changes to one or both hearing aids at once from your pocket. The small remote control allows situational adjustment to the current listening environment and arms you for any challenges.
  • Connect Clip - Even making phone calls can easily become a challenge if you have hearing loss. The Connect Clip ensures that you can follow the phone call through your hearing aids and use the clip as a microphone. Thus, you not only get a clearer understanding of speech, but at the same time have your hands free to effectively use the time in everyday life.
  • EduMic - Free seating at lectures or in lecture halls? Sounds like a utopia for anyone whose hearing is limited. The EduMic attaches to the lecturer's clothing and transmits their voice to your hearing aids at a distance of up to 20 meters. Consequently, they are free in your choice of seating while your speech understanding is improved.


Oticon Own colors

To choose the Oticon Own to match your skin tone and personal style, you have a choice of the following shades: Beige, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black.


Oticon Own

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