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Oticon Opn IIC / CIC


The Oticon Opn IIC / CIC is a new in-the-ear device from the Danish hearing aid manufacturer based on the Velox platform. The built-in chip analyzes the environment you are in and provides them with clear understanding of speech and  improved directional hearing. Up to 500 times a second for the device for this a scan through and passes the hearing signal without delay to their ear.


Unlike other hearing aids, the Oticon Opn does not simply attenuate background noise, but automatically detects its weighting and adapts to it. For example, you can talk to one person but still hear other conversations. With the help of 360 degree technology, you can also recognize from which direction you are being addressed. This creates a natural hearing sensation. 


The Oticon Opn also supports you in the event of tinnitus symptoms by playing soothing sounds for you on request. This reduces the psychological distress that can result from hearing impairment.


Twin Link

Twin Link technology allows them to detect which direction a sound is coming from based on binaural speech perception. Sounds are perceived by both ears at different volumes. From this, you can tell if the sound is coming from the left or the right. 


Discrete Hearing

Because the hearing aids sit in your ear canal, you can hear without anyone noticing the devices and talking at you. Your hearing impairment thus fades into the background. 

Oticon Opn

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