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Oticon Grip Tip

GripTip is a kind of Dome with a longer, thin sidewall made of skin-friendly silicone material. Due to the fact that the material adapts particularly well to the ear canal, a better hold in the ear canal is achieved. The Grip Tip does not slip and annoying whistling from hearing aids is effectively suppressed.

The Domes are shaped differently for the right and left ear and are available in two sizes. In addition, the Grip Tip are available either with or without vent (for ventilation).


The Domes are used when the standard Oticon Domes do not seal adequately, meaning the hearing aids are often prone to feedback.


They have a much longer lifespan than normal Domes and are suitable for:

  • Oticon miniFit speakers
  • Oticon miniFit tubes


The material, which is slightly sticky to the touch, ensures that the GripTip is held securely in the ear canal. Annoying slipping out or constant pressing is not necessary here.



  • Transparent GripTip, barely visible to wear
  • Soft cuddly material with very good adhesive property
  • perfect hold in the ear canal
  • reduces whistling of the hearing aids
  • reduced occlusion effect
  • Longer durability compared to normal shields


Technical data:

  • Available in two sizes
  • Available with or without ventilation (Vent)


Package includes:

  • 1x Oticon GripTip

Oticon Grip Tip Dome

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