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Oticon Cros

The Oticon Cros is designed for individuals with unilateral hearing loss and is based on the Velux platform. With Twin Link technology, the Oticon Cros enables 360-degree hearing despite having a "worse" ear. Oticon's Open Sound Navigator scans the listening environment and automatically adjusts the hearing aid to the listening situation. Voice is amplified in a prioritized manner and background noise is reduced.


While streaming music or TV sound through the hearing aid, the sound is also transferred from the bad ear to the good ear. This also allows you to respond to address from the side. Overall, this also improves orientation in the room.


Perceiving speech better

A study commissioned by Oticon found that speech comprehension improved by an average of 50 percent with the Oticon Cros. Study participants were required to listen to messages through the ConnectClip; when the Cros sensor was turned on, participants were able to perceive speech better than without.


The Oticon Cros Sensor is Ex-Hearer Mini-T, compatible with select Oticon product families and available in seven different colors.

Oticon CROS

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