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MicroTech SurfLink Remote Microphone 2

This lightweight and unobtrusive conference microphone brings the speaker's voice directly into your Hearing Aids. With the Remote Microphne 2, you can effortlessly bridge greater distances and hear every word clearly. Even in noisy environments, you'll be right at home with the conference microphone.


The conference microphone is either worn by the speaker on the lapel or placed on the table in a social gathering. Thanks to intelligent technology, the microphone setting optimizes itself automatically. If it is worn vertically, it works in zoom mode; if it is placed vertically on the table, it works in surround mode. There are 3 high-quality individual microphones built into the SurfLink Remote Microphone for optimal voice pickup.


The conference microphone is suitable for the following MicroTech Hearing Aids:

  • MicroTech Summit
  • MicroTech Summit IQ
  • MicroTech Portrait


Please remember that the SurfLink Microphone 2 once must be paired with your Hearing Aids by a hearing care professional for it to be recognized.

This pairing process via MicroTech software can also control the microphone setting of the Hearing Aids while streaming.


This allows you to select whether the Hearing Aid microphones should be attenuated by 3, 6 or 9 dB during Bluetooth streaming so that ambient noise is not transmitted as strongly and the SurfLink microphone has top priority. When streaming is finished, the Hearing Aid microphones automatically switch back to their actual setting. In addition, the Stream Boost program can be customized to meet your own needs.



  • Accessories for MicroTech Hearing Aids
  • External personal microphone
  • Bridges distances of up to 20 meters
  • Intelligent microphone features for optimal voice recording


Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions:
  • Color: anthracite
  • Take in zoom mode about 20 cm
  • Recording in surround mode approx. 7 meters
  • Range to listening device approx. 20 meters
  • Battery charging time: 4 hours
  • Battery run time: 4.5 to 6.5 hours



  • 1x Starkey Remote Microphone 2
  • 1x User Manual

MicroTech SurfLink Remote Microphone 2

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