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MicroTech Mini Remote Mic

The MicroTech Mini Microphone makes its grand entrance wherever the environment is restless and speech understanding is correspondingly poor.


The personal microphone can be attached with its clip directly to the clothing of the interlocutor and thus records the voice of the speaker. The transmission to your Hearing Aids is in real time, so that a conversation can proceed smoothly and without problems. You will soon forget that the microphone is in use. Or simply place the mini remote Mic in front of your kitchen radio, TV or other sound source to improve intelligibility.


MicroTech Hearing Aid accessory miniRemote Mic is suitable for:

  • MicroTech Esentia
  • MicroTech Esentia AI
  • MicroTech Esentia Edge AI
  • MicroTech Esentia Envy AI



  • Personal microphone accessory for MicroTech Hearing Aids
  • Controllable via the Thrive Heaaring Control App
  • Controllable via the function keys on the Hearing Aid
  • LED status indicator


Technical specifications:

  • Color: black
  • Size: 50 × 25 × 18 mm
  • Weight: 12 g
  • Charge time: 3 hours on a full charge
  • The distance to the mouth should be about 20 cm



  • 1x Mini Remote Microphone.
  • 1x power supply
  • 1x USB/Micro-USB-Cable
  • 1x user manual

MicroTech Mini Remote Microphone

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