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The dry box for all rechargeable hearing aids - Dry Cap UV3

The patented dry box for rechargeable hearing aids dry-cap uv 2 as a hood allows drying, hygienic cleaning and charging of rechargeable hearing aids at the same time at only one socket.


With two modes, it can cover a variety of different application from electronics, dental care, baby and children, cosmetics, valuables and so on. Dry&Clean mode combines fast drying by an efficient air blower and UV-C light for perfect hygiene at the beginning and end of the drying process. The Clean mode starts the UV-C light to achieve fast hygiene even with multiple applications.


Whether at home or mobile while traveling, the device works on 5V USB basis, so it can also be used in a hotel, car, PC, TV or audio devices. A standard USB 2.0 port is sufficient for this purpose.


The device meets the highest quality standards. We grant a 2-year warranty on it.


The new dry-cap uv 3 is energy-saving, cost-effective in operation and offers safety in use. Effective and absolutely gentle care is the best guarantee for a long hearing system life.

Flow-Med Dry Cap UV 3 Dry Box

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