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The MicroTech remote control from the SurfLink family

The SurfLink remote gives you better access to your Hearing Aids. Quickly and unobtrusively you can with SurfLink Remote adjust the volume of your Hearing Aids, select another program or mute the Hearing Aids. Just as it seems to you in the respective situation most comfortable.


A slider allows you to choose whether you want to readjust both Hearing Aid settings simultaneously or only one device. If you want to undo any changes you have made, simply press the "home" button. Immediately, the setting is back to the way it was previously stored in the Hearing Aids by your hearing care professional. Another slide switch controls the button lock so you don't accidentally switch when carrying the remote in your pocket.


MicroTech SurfLink Remote can be used with the following MicroTech Hearing Aids:


  • MicroTech Summit
  • MicroTech Summit IQ
  • MicroTech Portrait


In the SurfLink remote control is a so-called permanent battery installed. Therefore, charging the battery is not necessary. With normal use, MicroTech guarantees a battery life of about 5 years. A replacement of the battery is not provided by the manufacturer.



  • handy remote control for Starkey Hearing Aids
  • clear menu navigation
  • quick access
  • program switching
  • volume control
  • Mute switching
  • Reset button


Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 90 × 45 × 10 mm
  • Weight: 35 g
  • Color: gray / black



  • 1x  SurfLink remote control
  • 1x user manual


Please note:

Your Hearing Aids must be paired together once with the remote control via the software by your hearing care professional.

MicroTech SurfLink Remote

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