Phonak AudéoParadise

There's nothing like the sound of Paradise

There’s nothing like the sound of Paradise Introducing the world’s first hearing instrument with motion sensor, speech enhancement, tap control and universal Bluetooth™ connectivity. Phonak Audéo Paradise, delivering an unrivaled hearing experience.

Phonak has taken nature as inspiration when creating Paradise. The intention is simple – to create hearing aids that deliver crisp natural sound for you to enjoy the wonders of the world as they should be heard. Rediscover the joy of communication with friends, colleagues and loved ones. Rediscover the wonder of sound.  



• Crisp, natural sound

• Unrivaled sound quality

• Personalized noise canceling

• Connects to smartphones, TV and more

• Empowering smart apps Combine that with a powerful rechargeable battery and smartphone/TV connectivity – all in one device.


All these added features allow you to enjoy the wonders of sound as they should be heard. Rediscover your wonder of sound with Phonak Audéo Paradise.


myPhonak app

The smartest way to get the most out of your Phonak hearing aids. 



- Remote support: Convenient remote video support from your hearing care professional. Real time hearing aid adjustments over distance in real environment (restaurants, meetings, work and school).  

- My Hearing Aids: Status information of the connected hearing aids and hearing aid accessories, battery state of charge and wearing time statistics.

- Remote control: Adjust and control volume and frequencies of Phonak hearing aids; Select programs for defined listening situations; Create own preferred settings for specific listening situations. 

- Hearing diary: Rate your experience, overview on hearing aid usage, share your experience with your hearing care professional to optimize your hearing.



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